Aman Ahuja

Freelance data consultant. I design and implement data products and machine learning systems.

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My experience and networks

As a consultant, I work with clients across a broad range of industries, in engagements lasting a few weeks to many months. I have learned from each of these experiences over the past decade.

I am fortunate to be a part of an amazing network, developed over time, of many other experts and engineers. Being able to form a team with all the perspectives and knowledge to address the needs of each engagement is a powerful way to help ensure success.

The Data Guild logo The Data Guild is a group of experienced data consultants committed to building data products with significant positive social impact. I've enjoyed working as project lead and senior data scientist on multiple projects with TDG, and hope to continue to grow with them.

DataKind logo DataKind is dedicated to using data in the service of humanity. It has a volunteer-driven chapter network with a worldwide presence, helping non-profits and NGOs tackle data science problems. As a founding leader of the San Francisco chapter, I'm excited to help build DataKind in the SF Bay Area, and to help develop processes and practices that lead to successful, sustainable projects.


Aman is an invaluable part of any data science team - technically skilled, driven by results, and a clear, honest communicator. A pleasure to work with!

Colleague recommendation on LinkedIn (2015)

... the reason he has been so valuable, I believe, is his deep knowledge and interests in areas outside narrow technical specialties.

Client Recommendation on LinkedIn (2012)


I live and work in Oakland, California, and have clients all over the San Francisco Bay Area

I take engagements across the country:

  • Boulder/Denver, CO
  • New York City, NY
  • Los Angeles area, CA
  • Seattle, WA

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(720) 295 2626


aman ahuja (at) gmail (dot) com