Aman Ahuja

Data Consultant
Fenris Technologies Inc.


A 'data product' is a solution that focuses on achieving a specific objective or result through the use of data.

I work with organizations of all sizes to evolve their ideas into validated goals, to create a strategy, and to develop the product.

My focus is on finding simple, effective solutions.


To help my clients develop data products, I take on multiple roles:

Business Analyst, Data Scientist, and Project Manager.

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Business Analyst

The most important component of any data project is that of
framing the problem.

I have experience working with ambiguity, non-technical stakeholders, and conflicting objectives and constraints.

  • Served as primary BA on many projects in the last 6+ years.
  • Industry experience incl. manufacturing, utilities, public transit.
  • Authored formal process analysis reports with UML.
  • Experience writing complete functional & technical requirements.

Data Scientist

At the core of every data product are the data systems and algorithms that drive it.

My focus (highlights):

  • Familiarity with many data systems paradigms.
  • Clustering algorithms, fraud detection, customer/market segmentation.
  • User preference modeling and behavioral analytics.
  • Exploratory Data Analysis (Tukey-style EDA).
  • Trained in numerical analysis of semiconductor systems and digital signals analysis.

Project Manager

Whether I work alone or in a team, I ensure my projects are delivered on time, on budget, and with a very high standard of quality.

  • Formal training in project management and risk mitigation with PMP.
  • Hundreds of hours of experience as a PM.
  • Agile, Scrum, TDD development methodologies.
  • Clear, readable code following best practices and detailed documentation.


Coding is a critical proficiency for a data consultant.
These are the technologies I like to hack with:

  • Python analytics, development, and web technologies
    • e.g., Pandas, NumPy, Scikit, matplotlib, Django.
  • Large analytics toolset, mostly open-source (R, etc).
  • Working knowledge of several infrastructure ecosystems, such as:
    • Hadoop. SQL. NoSQL (incl. Mongodb, Redis).
    • Amazon Web Services (AWS). Analytics for mobile apps.


I am passionately interested in the world and continually striving to learn more.

  • International development, education. Indian geopolitics and identity.
  • Classical music, craft brewing, cooking.
  • Trail running, hiking and camping, ultimate frisbee.
  • Historical fiction, essays, science writing.

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