My clients are on a journey of translating research and a vision into successful tools.

Their tools leverage data and statistical models for public benefit. They bring critical new capabilities, and will grow to new users and geographies. They aim to be sustainable over their intended life cycle by assembling the right team and by achieving financial independence.

My job is to help them on that journey.

Three ideas are embedded in all my work and processes. First, the responsible use of data – including collection of data, analytical methods, and data governance. Second, interdisciplinary and inclusionary teams at all levels. Third, a systems thinking analysis of intervention and impact.

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Fenris is a consultant network founded by Aman Ahuja to support teams developing responsible data systems for public benefit. We work to make these ventures successful and sustainable through collaborative co-design of product strategy, equitable data governance, and targeted technical assistance.

Project Highlights


I work with purpose-driven corporations, non profits, academic research teams, or foundations. These organizations are often part of a civil-public or civil-private collaboration, in sectors such as health and energy.

Rockefeller Foundation
The Data Guild
Emdeon / Change health
Proteus Digital health
Not In Our Town
C3 Energy / C3 IoT