Building Capacity

When we speak of building capacity in the sector, we refer to strengthening the institutions, approaches, and methods by which these data initiatives might be more successful, less harmful, and provide sustained and meaningful benefit to society. We speak of addressing risks like the persecution of journalists, currupt funding, and misinformation in civil discourse. We speak of advancing and enabling the role of data, a leading role or a supporting role, in tackle the great problems of our time, such as the rise of authoritarianism and climate change.

This capacity must be built not only at singular organizations, but collectively and systemically throughout civil society and in partnerships with the public and private sector.

Building such capacity is a great endeavor. It requires structural solutions and rethinking fundamental instititions and ecosystems at the heart of civil society.

Developing and advancing this vision, for building capacity in the civil society for the effective and responsible use of data, is a core objective for Fenris.

How do we do it? Through the Six Pillars.

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