Data Leadership Cohort

By Aman Ahuja in Projects

August 2, 2022

In 2022, Fenris, along with Aspiration and Digital Public, launched a new program on data leadership and governance. The Data Leadership Cohort was designed to create opportunities for leaders to learn from peers about governance, stewardship and long-term responsible leadership in data-centric missions and ventures.

The Data Leadership Cohort brings together Aspiration’s field-leading and tested frameworks for peer learning, Digital Public’s expertise in public interest data governance, and practical expertise from Fenris for integrating these ideas into team, process and product.

We believe this is the first opportunity of its kind, providing an opportunity for emerging data leaders to meet, learn, and build connections with each other as they work through challenges and opportunities in governing data resources, designing data-intensive platforms, and procuring data systems.

The Inaugural Cohort

The first DLC cohort brought together a group of brilliant leaders through Aspiration’s co-learning framework, centered on a series of practice-oriented sessions over three months. In the sessions, the group prototyped structures and processes for effective data governance by workshopping each other’s real-world cases.

The leaders partipating in the inaugural data leadership cohort were:

  • Jessica Davison – Director of Learning, Analytics and Compliance, United Way of Greater Houston
  • Kelli Millwood Hill – Head of Data Insights, Khan Academy
  • Liam McMahon – Civic Engagement Coordinator, ISAIAH and Faith in Minnesota
  • Dr. Mark Olofson – Director of Educator Data, Research, and Strategy, Texas Education Agency
  • Matt Dawson – Senior Director of Efficacy & Implementation Research, Curriculum Associates
  • Vanessa Raymond – Program Manager, Strategic Initiatives, Alaska Center for Energy and Power (ACEP)
  • Yotam Amit – The Movement Cooperative

The cohort was organized and facilitated by

  • Aman Ahuja – Founder, Fenris Network.
  • Sean McDonald – Co-founder, Digital Public.
  • Allen Gunn – Executive Director, Aspiration.

You can find more information on each of the 2022 Data Leadership Cohort members on Aspiration’s program page.

About the Organizers

Digital Public is a public interest data governance firm. We help communities, companies, and institutions realize rights in, against, and through digital systems.

Aspiration connects nonprofit organizations, free and open source projects, philanthropic funders and activists with strategic frameworks, technology solutions, data skills that help them realize their missions.

Fenris supports teams developing responsible data systems for public benefit through collaborative co-design of product strategy, equitable data governance, and targeted technical assistance.