International Initiative on Pandemic Prevention

Fenris supported team leads and key stakeholders to understand incentives and product design

By Aman Ahuja in Projects

January 15, 2023

About the Initiative

A major initiative with millions of dollars in funding was launched to develop computational tools for public health decisions related to disease pathogens affected by climate change. The host institute developed partnerships around the world, focusing on areas where conditions such as rising temperatures, flooding, and changing habitats are critical factors to disease prevention and response.

Developing effective tools required collaboration between multiple stakeholders contributing data, hospitals and other providers, academics and epidemiological experts, and as a collaborator-client, local government agencies.

The initial phases of work centered on developing ecosystems in Bangalore, Pune, Rio de Janeiro and Bahia. Data and modeling work looked at dengue & arborvirus disease.

Fenris support

Fenris provided strategic and product support to the team and product leads. We served as advisors in the development of the product roadmap, user/stakeholder engagement plan, user research, and synthesis of learnings and priorities.

We worked with several different teams, including technical and modeling teams assembled by the funder / host institute, and in-country experts on public policy and implementation.

Work was executed in two phases over nine months.