Future of Property Rights

By Aman Ahuja in Projects

June 1, 2020

I helped a New America, a US public policy think tank, to define objectives and roadmaps for a multi-stakeholder initiative that advances public discourse surrounding property rights insecurity and loss in the United States.

About the organizations

New America newamerica.org:

New America is a think tank in the United States that focuses on a range of public policy issues, including national security studies, technology, asset building, health, gender, energy, education, and the economy.

Future of Property Rights program is now known as “The Future of Land and Housing”:

The Future of Land and Housing Program (FLH) at New America aims to help solve today’s land and housing rights challenges, both in the United States and internationally. Through our research and writing, convening, and collaboration with civic innovators worldwide, we strive to connect new constituencies, shed light on underreported issues, and implement creative approaches in the property rights space

This project was funded and supported by DataKind and Rockefeller Foundation (RF).