Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading Platform

Pilot to understand residential energy sharing interests and motivation

By Aman Ahuja in Projects

September 15, 2017

A working peer-to-peer residential energy trading marketplace helped us understand user pains, preconceptions and motivations for trading excess energy with others.

I led a team at The Data Guild in partnership with AGL, a major Australian power company, to develop and pilot a peer-to-peer residential energy trading platform in which users with rooftop solar and battery storage could trade excess energy with others in an automated marketplace.

In the first phase of this project we worked with our Australia-based client to understand the potential impact of peer to peer markets in the relevant space, and to design an MVP that would demonstrate technical and business feasibility. In the second phase, we assembled a technical, design, and user research team to build a working MVP, deploy with a pilot population, and understand user reactions and motivations for the marketplace.

On this project I served as a strategist and project manager through both phases, and led a combined team composed from the Guild, our client, and strategic partners.

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