Proteus Digital Health

Wearable medical device concept and pilot

By Aman Ahuja in Projects

January 1, 2015


The Data Guild advised on strategic approach to develop new market opportunities for a medical device company in the wearable space. One concept explored recovery cycle applications for professional athletes. Device interfaced with mobile device through an application with FDA regulatory considerations.

Our team also developed and tested the “recovery” calculation for the pilot, utilizing biometric data such as heart rate to calculate sleep and orthostatic stress conditions for individuals wearing the device.

This engagement focused on

  • Industry and market gap analysis in a regulatory environment
  • Product concept and business model canvas.
  • Proteus Recover pilot implementation


Proteus Device

The Proteus devices was a disposable wearable patch that was attached by adhesive to one’s chest. Originally designed for medical applications, this device created provided much great mobility and freedom to patients, by removing the need for cumbersom devices and wire hookups. The patch included a variety of sensors that allowed monitoring of heart, body posture, activity levels, body temperature, and more. Thus a doctor would receive important diagnostic information as the patient resumed daily activities at home.

We worked with the Proteus to explore and pilot new potential applications of the device, including measuring physical stress and recovery in professional athletes. For example, the device provided insight on the athlete’s sleep quality and orthostatic stress through the development of new derivative metrics based on the raw data collected by the device sensors. We prototyped these metrics and developed new product design, interfaces, and market strategies.