Data sharing for the Office of Recidivism and Justice

Aligning on governance and infrastructure across county agencies

By Aman Ahuja in Projects

March 15, 2018

Fenris helped design data governance and infrastructure to improve data collection, analysis and information sharing between a California county’s justice agencies. We focused on goal-setting and increased cooperation in a low-trust environment, working towards improved reentry services and reduced recidivism.

We partnered with the Office of Recidivism and Justice (ORJ) under the County Administrator, and through interviews and conversations worked with multiple stakeholders including the Sherriff’s office, the Probation Department, the county Court, and community based organizations (CBOs). A presentation of our methodology, deliverables, and recommendations for re-entry data management was provided in-person to the Community Corrections Partnership Executive Committee at a public forum committee meeting.

Our recommendations were developed to advance the County’s ability to understand and improve criminal justice outcomes and recidivism, and to provide a technical and governance approach that could serve as a model to other counties across the state and country. The importance and timeliness of this work is emphasized by the need for California counties to improve and understand recidivism programs under AB109.

Our small execution team consisted of Aman and Louis Potok from Fenris, our sponsor at Tetra Tech DPK, and a technical writer. We engaged Ethical Resolve to conduct and provide an independent ethical review of our data governance approach.